We’re a whole six months into 2014 so it’s time to don our data snorkels and drive head first into the analytics to discover what has been receiving the most hype over the last six months here at ilovepie. So take a deep breath and join us …

10. Ben Khan
London based Ben Khan is certainly someone to keep a rather close eye on. With his debut single ‘Youth’ getting air play from the likes of Radio 1 and Clash Magazine proclaiming him a rising star in the class of 2014. It’s little wonder that Ben has managed to make the top ten. But if we’re honest we’re surprised he didn’t chart higher.

9. Paperwhite
New wave isn’t dead it’s very much alive and well in the sounds of Brooklyn based duo Paperwhite. We love them so much we’ve featured them in out Summer playlist which is streaming here

8. Alt-J ∆
It’s been a rocky few months for the Cambridge art rockers, with the departure of founding member and bass player Gwil Sainsbury. so it’s a bit of a relief to say the least that they are back, with a new single and a new album also on the horizon.

7. Clean Bandit X Elephante
It’s not surprising to find at least one mention of the London classical, pop dance outfit in this run down. It’s been an incredible year for the band, from playing a small stage in Silver Hayes at Glastonbury, to being one of the top acts to play the John Peel stage this past weekend. They’ve certainly come a long way, with logic dictating a slot on the pyramid stage next year.

6. Bell’s Roar
One of a number of incredible finds from the last six months that has been a regular fixture on the ilovepie stereo. Bell’s Roar is smart, sassy, and soulful in equal measure. Certainly someone you should be adding to your ones to watch list for the coming year.

5. Broods
“Gave your a minute, when you needed an hour just to push it aside” sums up the shear hypnotic simplicity of Broods and their mellow, pop sound. Seemingly coming from nowhere to reciving nation wide airplay. A full length debut album ‘Evergreen’ is set for release in September, so we’ll be hearing plenty more from the New Zealanders.

4. Postcards from Jeff
A surprise entry in this chart is Manchester based Postcards from Jeff. Gentle vocals blend seamlessly with almost vast cinematic synths to create a sound that could be described at electronic folk.

3. Prinze George
Another entry hailing from Brooklyn is electro pop trio Prinze George. Creating a fiery mix of understated vocals and hypnotic beats all packaged up in tasty electro pop melodies. With a steady release of new material over the last few months, I expect Prinze George to feature somewhere in the end of year reviews.

2. W∆NR
Don’t let the use of (alt-J) ∆ in their band name put you off. W∆NR are a dreampop duo which just ooze with smooth beats and delicous synths, all backed up by a subtle vocal. With two beautiful understated EPs under their belt already, they certainly deseve to chart so high.

1. Tamu
Hailing from nearly all four corners of England, (Bristol, Liverpool, and London to be precise) Tamu are a three piece that create delicate indie pop tracks, which creates tracks which are contemplative but also packed with toe tapping beats.