So here’s our third and final part of our look back on 2012, in this part we’re going to stop looking back and look forward to what we can expect from the year ahead. No we haven’t got Mystic Meg looked in the basement and we haven’t got a crystal ball, so what follows is just a bunch of guesses and in most cases what we’d love to happen.

AlunaGeorge Debut Album
Unless something major happens, such as the Mayans being right about the world ending but being slightly out with their calculations by about three months or so, I think we can be sure that we’ll be seeing the debut release from AlunaGeorge. After a massive 2012, and lots of teasing with a EP or two, it’s only inevitable that we’ll be seeing an LP soon.

RnB GlitchWave Finally Happens
It’s been bubbling just under the mainstream for the last year or so, that RnB inspired stripped back glitchy sound thats been made popular by the likes of The Weeknd and AlunaGeorge. Heck even Ellie Goulding is getting in on the act with a cover of The Weeknd’s ‘High For This’. The Weeknd also recently started to receive big airplay thanks to his collaboration with Drake, which has brought the genre to the masses. And with the artists such as AlunaGeorge, Syron and Inc. all set up for big things this coming year, this could be the big genre of 2013.

Klaxons Come Back
It’s been six years since we were all running around with florescent paint on our faces and dancing to a mix of electro synthy pop and indie rock (“lets all dance to Joy Division and celebrate the irony”). But if rumors are to be believed the Klaxons are currently working on a follow up to 2010’s lacklustre ‘Surfing The Void’ but thats not the exciting part they’re rumoured to be working with The Chemical Brothers which would suggest a more electro record from what we’ve heard before. Some would call all this a sign … we just say we can’t wait to hear the results.

Rhye Debut
It’s only been a few short months since Rhye burst into our ears and hearts with the beautiful ‘The Fall’. This is one prediction we can be sure of … the debut ‘Woman’ is due for release on March 5th and I can already be sure it’ll be making rather large waves when it does finally arrive.

Who to Watch – Deebs
Our pick for who you should be paying attention to over the next 12 months is Deebs. Deebs creates a beautiful and dark sound which has strong DnB leanings while holding onto a stripped back electro sound. With remixes for AlunaGeorge and Meesha under his belt its almost certain Deebs will be big at some point in the next year.

Things that might happen but probably won’t even though we’d love them to happen

Carly Rae Jepsen Releases a High Concept electro pop album using nothing but samples from popular 80’s TV sitcom Mork & Mindy.

Emeli Sandé decides to bow out of the limelight to live out the rest of her life as a hermit in the Scottish highlands.

Arnold Schwarzenegger gets Christmas number one with a cover of Yazz’s 80’s classic ‘The Only Way Is Up’.

One Direction announce that for the love of music they’re splitting up and shall be joining Emeli Sandé in the Highlands … Emeli Sandé isn’t happy about the company.