Four (Album Artwork)
Bloc Party are set to release their forth album in August. After last years news that lead singer Kele wouldn’t be joining the rest of the band in the studio and that they were looking for a new singer, left many wondering if we’d ever hear anything new from them again. Well never fear because ‘Four’ (get it ? it’s their forth album … inspired) is due for release August 20th on Frenchkiss Records. Taking a somewhat stripped back approach to the new album Kele said “we wanted to challenge ourselves by not relying on the invisible grid that seems to be mapping out all of popular music these days”. Which probably means they we might be seeing a return to a sound akin to the bands first album ‘Silent Alarm’. Track listing is below which might give a small insight into what we can expect.

Four Tracklisting

01. So He Begins To Lie
02. 3×3
03. Octopus
04. Real Talk
05. Kettling
06. Day Four
07. Coliseum
08. V.A.L.I.S.
09. Team A
10. Truth
11. The Healing
12. We’re Not Good People