So yes bring on the trumpets and string up the bunting because Bloc Party are back. But is this really the Bloc Party we knew and loved. The short answer is kind of. But with only half of the original line-up remaining, Kele Okereke and Russell Lissack it’s hard not to instantly have doubts about this reboot. They’ve been joined by two newcomers Louise Bartle and Justin Harris. It could be argued that this is, in fact a new band. It might have actually made more sense to start afresh. But I have a feeling that the allure of the power of the Bloc Party brand was too much to resist. A name that conjures up so much affection and nostalgia, it would have been foolish to abandon it completely.

So is the new track ‘The Love Within’ any good? Featuring a pumping beat and a smattering of racing synths, it certainly an interesting sound. But when framed by Kele’s vocal it’s hard to mentally separate it from his previous solo projects. That said the chorus does feature a familiar hook that goes some way to bring the previous and new sound together.

‘The Love Within’ is taken from Bloc Party’s upcoming album ‘Hymns’ which is due for release January 29th 2016.