I recently moved house. You know the deal, one’s life in neat (and towards the end, not so neat) boxes. In the last-minute rush, I had little time to pack my CDs away as I would have liked. Fast forward to a couple of weeks and I’ve started to unpack and re-organise my CDs (I am somewhat anal about this). I’ve rediscovered a favourite, which I would like to share with you…

Colder aka Marc Nygen Tan, French DJ and remixer, created this gem of an album. If you like post-punk/disco, krautrock and dub, you’ll love this album. It’s made for the night, perhaps with the hum of Piccadilly in the background, and a good soundtrack for late-night train journeys home.

My personal favourites are its singles. They’re cool, understated but enough to dance to. ‘Wrong Baby’ leads me astray, although I’m willing. ‘To The Music’ makes me shake my ass.

Now, if only I had a dance partner…

Written by guest blogger Dédé