Woah it’s been nearly a year since, I had the irrefutable pleasure of seeing at the time, new four-piece band Flyte who were supporting MS MR at Bristol’s Trinity Centre. Sporting a polished sound that many a veteran group would envy, Flyte delivered their upbeat pop stylings with the confidence and boisterousness of an act much more established than they were.

They’ve clearly spent the last year or so cementing their style and their fan base, as their latest single ‘Light Me Up’ has received a huge chunk of plays over on Soundcloud (64K+ in fact) in a little of a month.

‘Light Me Up’ blends the groups, beach-esq sounding guitar lead pop with soaring chorus and a rather joyous toe tapping beat. Firmly placing the Londoners as the go to band for a dose of feel good pop goodness going forward.

‘Light Me Up’ is released November 17 via Turned Out Nice / Island Records.

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