We’ve got the first and early stream of Devon based BKLYN’s new track ‘I Want’. We’ve also managed to sit down and chat to the guys about their new EP and what it was like to perform at Bestival.

The three-piece have only been together for a year. But have already released their debut ‘If I Don’t’ EP, and have also performed on the BBC Introducing stage at Bestival last year, as well as receiving airplay from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music.

New track ‘I Want’ which is officially released May 22nd, is a swirling, dark and brooding indie pop track. Which takes its electro melody and mixes it up into a simmering mass of guitars, ambient synths, and heartfelt vocals. The track is streaming below one week ahead of it’s official release.

We caught up with the band to ask them a few questions :-

Hi BKLYN. So you’re from Devon? What sort of influence has living in Devon had on your music style ?

We wouldn’t say Devon has influenced the band’s style in itself. Yet, being from a small town that hasn’t really got a large music scene, it’s definitely made us strive for an elaborate, yet more diverse sound.

How long have you been together as a band ?

We’ve been together as ‘a band’ for a year, which isn’t really that long in the music industry. But, before that we had a year and a half of constant planning and writing before we officially released ourselves as ‘Bklyn.’.

You’ve just released your debut EP. How would you describe it to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

‘If I Don’t’ is an ode to youth. The E.P, is a direct showcase of uplifting yet melodic pop clashed with intimate, ambient synth. We find it quite personal and has lyrics that most people can relate to.

How long did it take to record? and where did you record it ?

All lyrics were written before any instrumental was added. We wrote the instruments completely separate and if the song fit the mood of the lyrics, we added them – chopping and changing medleys and riffs. This was a completely different way of writing music that we had never done before – but in all, felt quite organic. The process of recording the EP spanned over 5 months, which was all recorded in Josh’s spare bedroom. We pretty much converted it into our studio space, which allowed us to experiment further in the development of our sound. We then got to a point until we were completely happy with and now we are proud of all the songs we put on the record.

A lot of the tracks on your new EP are brooding, and somewhat dark electro pop tracks. However there is this one track ’19’ which has a much more upbeat pop edge. How did that track come about ? and which of these styles do you see BKLYN focusing on in the future ?

19 has got a polished surface and was intended as the main single surrounding the EP, it’s got a funny story behind it and thinking about it now the original melodies for the guitar riffs were subconsciously influenced by Sean Paul’s ‘Get Busy’ which in its final stages of writing 19 they were faded out, which was shame. Collectively we’re still going to have a diverse signature in our sound, it’s hard to say we’ve never been one for pushing it into the category it belongs in, thats not how we write and with our vast amount of musical influences it’ll be near to impossible to focus on one or the other.

So you played the BBC Introducing Stage at Bestival, last summer how was that? and what have you got planned for this summer ?

Bestival was a surreal experience as it was our first official show. We’ve probably shot ourselves in the foot really, setting the bar pretty high, but in all honesty we can’t fault a single moment of it. I mean, we had so many experiences from that gig; from when we were asked to play, seeing Nile Rogers and Chic, and celebrating the worlds biggest disco ball being lifted on a crane. We plan to get on as many shows as possible for the summer. Upcoming tours and shows are yet to be confirmed, but we’ll soon let people know.

And finally, are there any plans for an album on the horizon? If so, when should we be expecting that ?

Yes, we definitely will be releasing an album and we will also be releasing a second EP late this year. Nothing has been set in stone yet in terms of dates so you may be hearing more from us sooner rather than later. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, though! Thanks, LOVEPIE B X

Thanks BKLYN.

The track ‘I Want’ is released May 22nd. You can find BKLYN on Twitter and Facebook.