Slow burning track from Liu Bei (pronounced Lou Bay). A London-based duo, whos previous track ‘Mind Over Matter’ picked up some serious plays over on Soundcloud (23K+ in fact). ‘Phillip Seymour Hoffman’ is an emotion-laden, mellow stroll through a soundscape of, gently caressed pianos, shimmering synths and delicate percussion. Picking up on the touching but hauntingly beautiful lyric “Who’s going to play me now” it’s clear that the track is an ode to the late actor, with one-half of the duo Richard Walters saying:

“Philip Seymour Hoffman was without question my favourite actor, someone I found so familiar and right in every role. When he died I was genuinely broken by it, it felt like such an unexpected loss…the chorus line was originally me jokingly asking who’s going to play me in the big Oliver Stone biopic of my life, but then just became about him…who the fuck is going to play Philip Seymour Hoffman…”

It’s a touching, and beautiful ode to a great actor, and a great follow-up track from duo. ‘Mind Over Matter’ and ‘Philip Seymour Hoffman’ is released September 25th as one single release. The duo will be playing headline shows to celebrate the release of the single. Dates are :

01­ Oct – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London
02­ Oct – The Bullingdon, Oxford