Synth pop duo Hurts burst onto the scene back in 2009, with their brand of 80s infused pop becoming a hit with critics and hipsters alike, cementing their position as a niche commercial music act. Songs like the incredible ’Wonderful Life’ and heady ‘Sunday’ along with their debut album Happiness selling in excess of two million worldwide are enough evidence to posit them as a considerable musical force.

Two years on from their last foray, the slick haired pair are back with ‘Some Kind of Heaven’, a song that starts off less Hurts and more Mumford & Sons. It’s also the first release from their as yet unnamed third studio album. It seems they’ve strayed from the thumping dark beats that laced their past efforts and it’s gotten a lot more radio friendly. In places where the production gets particularly uptempo I can imagine Ella Eyre grabbing the mic and cooing away the remaining minutes.

It’s a pleasant change of pace but is sure to isolate die hard fans and I can’t say it’s bad, terrible or ear splitting to stand by them, because it isn’t. Time will tell how well it’s received, but in the meantime check it out for yourself.

‘Some Kind of Heaven’ is out now.