Hello and welcome to this new feature we’re calling Post from the Past. Each Saturday we’ll pick a track or album, from the past (which is a vast period of time so expect some gems). and take a look at them with our modern day ears, to see how well they stand up.

The first in what will probably be a rather short lived feature knowing us, is the 2002 debut LP ‘Lost Horizons’ from electronic dance duo Lemon Jelly. ‘Lost Horizons’ was the follow up to Lemon Jelly’s 2000 compilation release ‘Lemon Jelly.ky’ which took the duo’s previous three EPs and melded them into one LP. ‘Lost Horizons’ featured notable tracks including ‘Nice Weather for Ducks’ and ‘Closer’. And for many was the first introduction to Lemon Jelly’s slight left field approach to electro dance music.

Opening with the rather subtle and hypnotic track ‘Elements’ which acts as a perfect gateway into Lemon Jelly’s less sample heavy new style.

Less of a cacophony of samples than their previous releases ‘Lost Horizons’ had a somewhat more subtle and smarter use of samples. Rather than taking and creating the back bone for the tracks, samples are used in a much more complimentary way. With only ‘Space Walk’ and ‘Experiment Number 6’ relying heavily on samples for their openers.

It’s been 12 years since this release, and music especially indie electro has moved into a much darker, starker, and generally much subtler place. I wonder if this brightly coloured, high energy, almost saccharine sweet electro would be well received now. But that said I have no doubt ‘Lost Horizons’ and Lemon Jelly in general have certainly had a huge impact on the shape of music right now.

Lemon Jelly – Lost Horizons (iTunes) (Spotify)