Today we’ve got the first play of the brand new ‘Chemistry’ EP from three-piece Parrot To The Moon. The five track record is a brooding, intense, and dark journey into the Bern-based trio’s melancholic pop soundscape. A rich and at the same time intense sound which is lifted through the use of soaring electro elements. Taking a slice of 1980’s new-romanticism and splicing it together with an almost industrial electro. With synths that seem to bubble and ripple throughout, diluting what would have been a wistful and somber affair with an uplifting sense of positivity.

‘Chemistry’ is a well-rounded but dark pop record that draws you in with it’s dense, lamenting beats and warm, rich vocals. Think Editors meets Pet Shop Boys and you’ll get a sense of what to expect from Parrot To The Moon.

We caught up with the band to ask them a few questions about the EP and their musical influences.

Hi Parrot To The Moon thanks for taking the time for a chat. First things first we need to discuss your band name. It’s slightly unusual. Is there a story behind it?

Dominique: Thank you for the chat! Yes, indeed there is a story. It was when I was in New Zealand on a road trip in 2010. We slept in a tent surrounded by nature and the far sound of the ocean thrashing against the shore. The stars felt so close and one night before we were about to fall asleep I had this image coming to me about a parrot whose dream was to fly to the moon. It was about its need to fly away and about the fact that it wanted to take up this task of flying to the moon whether he would make it or not.

Sacha: Yeah, it’s better to try and fail than to die without knowing. The parrot didn’t chicken out.

Your new EP ‘Chemistry’ is quite dark and brooding but tinged with a slight electronic dance vibe. How did this come about? What are your influences?

Dominique: Well there are many influences but we all love deep melancholic music of most genres. We often describe our own sound as “positively melancholic”. I guess the slight electronic dance vibe might act as glimmer of hope surrounded by the massive dark basses.

David: That’s a nice description! We started as a classic band with a drummer, bass, guitar, and vocals. but that wasn’t the right way for us. We had this idea to create an electronic live-set combined with vocals and guitar only.

Sacha: Yeah, I’ve always been attracted to synthesizers and love the sounds you can get out of some of those dusty machines. After our drummer left we started to use my old circuit bent TR-707, which is still part of our main rig today. Of course we’ve been through quite a few synthesizers, until we found the ones we needed to complete our own sound.

Talking about the EP. The title track ‘Chemistry’ and second track ‘Interstate’ stood out for me. There is a hint of perhaps 80’s new romanticism in there. Is this something that influences you?

Sacha: Well we are kids of the mid 80s. The sounds of this musical era must be anchored deep in us somewhere. Of course the choice of our instruments and love for arpeggiated synths makes it hard not to hint towards the new romantic-era. But my passion for arpeggiated bass lines is also thanks to the music of that era, so yes it certainly does.

David: Yes, but it’s just a part of our sound. For us it is important to use these sounds in a very reflective way not just as a quotation.

Dominique: Well the sequined cardigan I often wear definitely sends out a touch of new romanticism, haha.

Where do you see Parrot To The Moon’s sound heading in the future?

Dominique: We love to perform. We want make people dive into our music all around the world.

David: One day in front of thousands of people, all of them with goose-bumps

Sacha: Haha, well obviously not because of the cold. I’d love to do more “sound-research” on a few old machines I haven’t had the chance to play with yet. But I guess we’re well put with our current setup.

You’ve had a busy year with a two single releases and now this EP as well as a number of tour dates. What does the new year hold for Parrot To The Moon?

David: Well there is still something in the pipeline. In the beginning of next year, we’ll release our EP on vinyl including some great remixes from artists from all over the world.

Dominique: And there will be a second music video for the song ‚Highway 5am‘, the storyboard is already in our heads, its going to be dark…

Sacha: …it sure will. And we’re planning to play some concerts in the rest of Europe. For example, in Germany and Poland where we already received a lot of love for our music.

Any plans to travel to UK anytime soon?

Dominique: Oh that would be great! But at the moment there is nothing planned yet.

David: Things have started rolling around our new EP ‚Chemistry‘, so we’ll work hard to make this happen soon.

Sacha: Yeah, I’d sure love to gig back home. We’ll be working on our album next year and hope that we’ll manage to pop round and give a few concerts in the UK once it’s finished.

Thanks Parott To The Moon.

Parott To The Moon’s new ‘Chemistry’ EP is out now.