Chvrches have had a rather good nine months, after coming fifth in BBC sounds of 2013 they’ve been lauded for their stunning remixes of the likes of MS MR and St. Lucia, as well as becoming a staple on Radio playlists up and down the country. After months of waiting with bated breath the Scottish three-piece have finally unveiled their debut album and the title of which, ‘The Bones of What You Believe’ yep it’s not a short title and it’s far from snappy. But don’t worry this isn’t some deep hard to get your ears around concept album, this is a synth laden sparkly pop romp wrapped in the tattered indie rock dreams of Iain Cook’s and Martin Doherty’s previous musical incarnations.

Opening with the choral ‘The Mother We Share’ which helps to build the pace before launching you head long in to the dance-esque ‘We Sink’ which ploughs straight in with a heavy pounding synth beat, combining with glitchy vocal elements in a EDM-esque drenched polyphony of sound. It gallops along at a pace which we’ve not heard from Chvrches before, but seems to be the momentum at which they seem happiest. The pace is tempered momentarily two tracks later by the dark and brooding track four ‘Tether’ before the beat picks up its stomping pace again in track five ‘Lies’ with its opening verse that bares a passing resemblance lyrically and melodically to the chorus of ‘Gun’ which is a nice aural tether.

The second half of the LP takes on a dense and bassy  feel with ‘Night Sky’ and ‘Science/Visions’ two tracks which seem to envelop you with their dense bssslines and high impact beats. Before finally ending on a mellow and heartfelt note with final track ‘You Caught The Light’ that features for the first time since the band broke into our consciousness, vocals from Iain Cook and Martin Doherty, which till now have stayed quiet with Lauren Mayberry being the mouthpiece of the band. This is probably the biggest revelation of ‘The Bones of What You Believe’ and shows that there are many more facets to Chvrches than we first thought. This is a strong and revealing first salvo from the Glaswegians that sets them up for a bright sparkly pop future.

‘The Bones of What You Believe’ is released September 22 on Glassnote Records.