Adorning the cover of Cristallin’s new EP ‘C O R E’ is Snæfellsjökull a 700,000-year-old Icelandic volcano, which in the Jules Verne novel ‘Journey To The Centre Of The Earth’ is the location of the entrance to a passage leading to the centre of the earth. It was while traveling alone last year in Iceland that Swiss based producer Cristallin made the perilous ascent up the glacier covered Stratovolcano located in the wild and untamed volcanic landscape of western Iceland. Unable to find the fabled entrance, he returned to his native Switzerland and produced his latest EP ‘C O R E’, in a bid to discover what lies beneath, deep down in the ‘Core’.

‘C O R E’ takes a mixed approach to this journey, with first track ‘Talking To The Sun’ being a hybrid between an ambient dream like sound scape and pop track. While the EP’s second track ‘Plume’ is darker and somewhat denser in its production. The fourth and final track ‘Angelus’ is a wondrous finale to Cristallin’s aural journey deep beneath the ground. With sparkling percussion, and a brooding vocal giving a sense of the majesty and wonder that one would behold upon arriving at the ‘Core’. A place where everything exists at the same time.

‘C O R E’ is out now.