So i’m currently sat writing this review while watching Skins, i’ve got the Editors latest album playing away in the background. No I haven’t time warped back to 2007, it’s still 2013 … but the Editors have returned from a four year hiatus with new album ‘Weight Of Your Love’. Ironically the tagline for the new Skins is ‘Time Changes Everyone’ a statement that doesn’t seem to apply to the Editors.

‘Weight Of Your Love’ sees the five piece making a sharp about turn, back towards the sound in which they garnered most fame. Gone are the industrial, Depeche Mode style synths and beats of their ‘new direction’ which we heard on ‘In This Light and On This Evening’. In it’s place is something ultimately more grown up, but something that also seems to ride on the coattails of passed glories. Ricocheting between upbeat guitar driven rock tracks and heartfelt ballads, akin to ‘An End Has A Start’. Infact the two albums play perfectly together, it’s almost as if they’ve divorced themselves from ‘In This Light and On This Evening’ popped it right into the memory hole, casted it aside as an experiment gone wrong.

So it’s safe to say this album is going to satisfy the die hard Editor fans (do they exist ?), but it’ll also satisfy all those that still remember what the musical landscape was like seven years ago, a guitar riff strewn world. A world that had not yet, been shown the virtues of a Thrift Shop, or had no idea Koreans had so much rhythm. It’s an album thats drenched in nostalgia, and lets face it nostalgia isn’t always a bad thing.

‘Weight of Your Love’ is out now via Play It Again Sam in all the usual places.

Editors – Weight of You Love (iTunes) (Spotify)