Is Tropical have taken a turn of direction of late, which the mellow electro-indie rock track with the racey video ‘Dancing Anymore’ proved. The bands new album ‘I’m Leaving’ is no exception, gone are the sweeping guitars and distorted vocals, in their place is a clean cut almost nostalgic take on Brit Pop. Channeling the likes of The Verve and Suede with a electro tinged edge. Brit Pop through rose-tinted glasses of the last 15 years you could say.

All that said, opening track ‘Lover’s Cave’ makes a nice bridge between the three pieces previous release ‘Native To’ and this new sound. With its pounding guitar and sutble electro elements, it helps to lead the ear towards the new cleaner sound. and with ‘Dancing Anymore’ acting as a sort of sonic barrier as the second track, the change in direction doesn’t seem as drastic or as jarring as it might have been.

By the time you reach track six the saccharin sweet ‘Sun Sun’ with it’s twinkling percussion and smiley vocals, you’re totally signed up to the three-somes new cleaner, poppier and altogether different sound. You’ll find yourself thinking ‘Native To’ who ?

‘I’m Leaving’ is out today via Kitsuné/PIAS.

Is Tropical – I’m Leaving (iTunes)