Made In Heights have seemingly come out of nowhere with their slightly left-field take on the pop genre. But the reality is the Los Angeles duo have been plying their trade since way back in 2009. With one self-titled album already under their belts, they certainly aren’t some over-hyped, overnight, flash in the pan. But they are certainly going to be big.

‘Without My Enemies What Would I Do’ is the sort of record that’s hard to pin down. With the duo flitting between genres, tones, emotions, and vibes with a nimble-footed aplomb. With the opening track ‘Death’ being an expansive dance fused number, to previous single ‘Murakami’ with its familiar sultry, dense sound. One thing that is concurrent throughout the thirteen track record though, is the duo’s rich production. Their sound seems to envelop you in dense melodies and robust vocals.

…flitting between genres, tones, emotions, and vibes with a nimble-footed aplomb.

Notable tracks are ‘Panther’ an emotion laden, ballad which showcases Made In Heights ability to create a grown-up heartfelt sound. The duo tracks of ‘Lunette’ and ‘Silver Droplets’ offer up a glimpse into an otherworldly side to the pairs sound. With hypnotic and sparkling percussion framed by Kelsey Bulkin’s vocal which becomes almost astral in tone.

While on the flip-side of this sound is ‘Forgiveness’ with its pounding drum beat, phasing synths, and gimmicky vocal devices. Along with ‘Pop it in 2’ the two tracks offer a moment of dance-tinged light relief in the records closing third.

While we’ve still got another five months left of the year, and it might be a bit early to be calling it. But I do really believe we may have a very strong contender for album of the year on our hands here. ‘Without My Enemies What Would I Do’ is out now.

Made In Heights – Without My Enemy What Would I Do //