Album Review : Purity Ring – Shrines

Purity Ring
Purity Ring
are coming to Bristol in November so thought it’d be rather nice of me to do a little review of their new album ‘Shrines’ the debut release from the Montreal based duo. A dark and brooding synth laden record that sits halfway between Grimes and Crystal Castles.

A mash of strained synths spliced with vocals from Megan James framed by glitchy electro elements and a distorted bass line, all combine to create a dense and heavy sound that envelopes you and pulls you into the Purity Ring world. Which I imagine is some dimly lit, fairy tale forest, inhabited by fairies and glitter monsters.

Stand out tracks are opener ‘Crawlersout’ with its sweeping, and building sparkly synths which lull you into the mindset that this is just another Bjork-esq electronica record. But don’t worry by the time you get to forth track ‘Amenamy’ with its bubbling dubstep-esq bass all of your previous preconceptions, will be shattered. Other stand out tracks are ‘Grandsloves’ which features Young Mike and ‘Obedear’ which sounds like a pop record that’s been hacked up and reassembled into a dark lullaby.

Purity Ring will be at Thekla Bristol on November 23rd, check out the gig guide for latest ticket information.