It’s been six years since Zero 7 released a full length studio album. When many thought that was it from the Londoners, they’ve popped back up with a new EP that sees them working their way back to their musical roots.

‘EP 3’ could and should be seen at a follow up to the duo’s early 2000’s ‘EP 1’ and ‘EP 2’. Not only is it numerically a follow-up to the aforementioned EPs. It also sees the duo working with Jose Gonzalez, Only Girl, and Danny Pratt. All of which they’ve worked with on past releases.

Opening with new single ‘400 Blows’ which features Danny Pratt on vocals. A triumphant pop track which slowly builds into a jittering mass of synths, trumpets and skittering percussion. It’s a gorgeous track, that is only matched in perfection by a totally left-field re-imagining by South African’s John Wizards and their remix which is included on the EP.

Another notable point in the EP is ‘Last Light’ which features Jose Gonzalez on vocals. Taking Gonzalez’ unique and subtle vocal and stirring it up among a cacophony of synths, samples, and a remorseful piano led melody. Which builds into a rapture as the track concludes. It’s this subtly that really makes Zero 7’s sounds stand out.

All in all ‘EP 3’ is a move away from the jazz-pop, analog infused sound that dominated such releases as ‘Yeah Ghost’. And a move back to their electro-ambient trip-hop roots.

‘EP 3’ is released on 12″ Vinyl March 30th and on download April 13th. The release marks the start of what could be busy summer for the duo. With a vague mention of something big happening over the summer, and their first full length studio album since 2009 set for release in the Autumn.