Former Keep Shelly In Athens frontwoman Sarah P, unveils her debut single ‘I’d Go’. A glittering explosion of heady pop melodies, all built around a overriding message of unity. A track that on first glance seems like any other pop track, until you delve into the track’s lyrical heart. On the track Sarah P says :

“We have to fight together in order to learn how to coexist, how to accept the difference, how to respect our neighbor. Turning to the edges never helped. Believing in one and only theory/God/idea makes you a maniac. Our brains have room for more than that. Science, Religion, Spirituality, Ideas are broad. We should use our brains and our bodies for the best. Why something so logical is so hard to understand?”

The track is released as part of an upcoming free EP which is released via Sarah P’s own label ERASERESTART.