Shinamo Moki
Introducing Shinamo Moki a electro duo from Brighton consisting of Auryn Tate Waring who had previously been producing sounds under the Murdermostfoul moniker till he joined with friend Felix Treadwell. Now when I say ‘electro duo’ it sounds like i’m just being lazy and saying lets just bunch this over here with all this other stuff. But i’m not, Shinamo Moki aren’t like over electro outfits. They create aural soundscapes that pulsate and sparkle with multiple textures and layers of sound. With flashings of Gold Panda, Washed Out and The Knife with a lavishly oriental vibe sprinkled on top, i’m sure you’ll agree makes this a bit stand out. Their debut EP ‘For You’ is available to download now.

Shinamo Moki – For You EP (iTunes) (Spotify)