so after conquering the indie pop dancefloors of twenty-ten and becoming a hot tip for great things in twenty-eleven, what would you do. well if you’re darwin deez you create an experimental full length rap mixtape, featuring vocal samples from the 1971 film ‘willy wonka & the chocolate factory’ entitled ‘wonky beats’ thats what. and what would you expect people to pay for such musical genius ??? how about love. thats right show mr deez some love by posting one of his videos on facebook and he’ll send you the mixtape free. there’s even a chance the zip file they send you could contain one of five golden tix that’ll give you free darwin deez music for life. what next from darwin deez, i really wouldnt want to try and guess.

darwin deez – wonky beats (download the whole thing here)
darwin deez – i want to party 10,000 tons (mp3)