Italy isn’t renowned for its vast mainstream musical heritage. So it was surprising to find, Discoforticut an Italian producer, musician, and videomaker collective based in the Northern Italian city of Turin. Formed back in 2013, the collective or hub as they call it have just released a new ten track LP entitled ‘Femmes’. The record is a mass of chilled out vibes, dense beats and plenty of samples.

But it’s the tracks such as the opener ‘Thaquim’s Guitaer’ along with the track ‘Girls Of Summer’ that really caught my attention, as having a particular Sunday Vibe. ‘Thaquim’s Guitaer’ is a slow burner that layers up mesmerising synths with glitched out vocal samples. Before giving way to a Balearic tinged beat.

While ‘Girls Of Summer’ opens to the gentle sound of waves crashing against a beach and a delicate acoustic guitar melody, which persists throughout the track. But is joined by dense, chilled out and almost sun-kissed production as the track progresses. ‘Femmes’ is due for release June 13th on Zimbalam.