It’s time for another new feature … in the form of what we’re calling Sunday Vibes. Each Sunday we’re going to post an artist or track that is perfect for Sunday listening. Chilled, smooth, and not too heavy. So come take a seat, pop your headphones on and relax into Sunday with us.

Kicking things off with a duo from Sweden called Evil Astronaut. With only one track on Soundcloud this is the newest of new. Their debut track ‘E26’ is the sort of the track you could imagine featuring a on Zach Braff film’s soundtrack. Merging twinkly piano melodies into a hypnotic, subtle and relaxing mix of twee electro pop. With vocals that seem to exist just on the edge of the track’s aural boundary, they don’t dominate, they don’t overshadow. They just are.

The duo plan to upload more tracks to Soundcloud soon, so get in at the groundfloor and follow them now.