IYES – Gone

Slow-burning new offering from South coast duo IYES. 'Gone' is the second track from the duo's upcoming 'Part Two' EP.

LISS – Always

Blissed out track from Danish four-piece LISS. A mix of mellow synths and chilled out melodies that helps make LISS's sounds very very listenable.
Alex Brittan

Alex Brittan – Vigil

New track from Melbourne-based artist/producer Alex Brittan. 'Vigil' a heartfelt electro pop track. Taken from Brittan's recently released debut 'Thirsty Bird' EP.

Miamigo – What I Want

Sparkling pop track from Miamigo a duo based in Brighton. Twisting an upbeat shimmering sound around echoing vocals and racing guitars. Following up to their track 'Come Of Age' which as taken from their debut 'Hard To Love' EP.

DAGNY – Backbeat

A powerful pop kick in the face with debut single 'Backbeat'. Combining high-energy drum beats with her powerful almost anthemic vocal, all wrapped up in a heavy dose of youthful optimism.