So ilovepie is going to Los Angeles for new year. and so thought it would be apt to put together a little list of a few artist from LA that need to be in your ears and somewhere in your NYE playlist this year.

Caught a Ghost
I was skeptical when I first heard the idea of mixing blues and soul with dubstep. But its a surprisingly good fit. Ok we’re not talking full on dubstep here, more a lighter american candy dubstep but, where theres bass i’m there.

Next up are a LA based DJing duo Kris Lee and Jihanne Tatanaki. The pair have roots in South Korea, London, Venezula and the Middle East and their influences really show in the mixes they create. They put together aural dancefloor treats which are silky smooth, big on bass and quirky.

Capital Cities
Finally and by no means least we have Capital Cities, pop/disco synth duo have been making waves recently with their cover of Madonna’s 1983 classic ‘Holiday’. Sweetly poppy in all the places with plenty of splashes of the retro. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing alot more sounds from these two in the new year.

Have a great New Year and thanks for another great year … here’s to the forth year of pie 😛