regular readers will remember me mentioning russian popster
xuman last october (here if you wanna back track). well his new single ‘panic’ is available on itunes, and to celebrate he’s given ilovepie a brief glimpse into the mind of the man behind the music. from take that to pelmeni … this is panic !!!

Hello Xuman, how are you today ? How has your day been so far ?
Hello! I’ve just had an interview for the Fearless Radio in Chicago. It was my first interview for the US radio so I nearly crapped my pants in the beginning but then it was OK. Also me and Ilya were working on the new track “Side By Side” at the studio.

So How would you describe your style of music, pop or is this something else ?
Yeah, of course, it is pop. Just like Backstreet Boys, Take That or Spice Girls.

Is this the birth of a new Russian influence on the world music scene, where do you see it going in the next year or so ?
Some press already said that Russia is a new Sweden of pop. I believe that artists of our label are going to make some noise in the Europe and States. Also there are good artists in Russia like Pompeya or Motorama who can compete with UK or US artists.

Is there anyone else that we should be keeping a eye/ear on ?
First of all, it’s artists of our label: On-The-Go ( who is going to release a new single really soon and The O (

Any plans to come and tour the UK anytime soon and is there an album on the way ?
We are ready to come any moment and give a show! At the moment we’re working on album which is gonna be released in December this year.

and finally … Shepherd’s Pie or Apple Pie ?
I appreciate your British humor, but I’d prefer Pelmeni.

the single is out now on itunes get it here.