Summer is here. Finally. Blue skies and, most importantly, warmth. Time to lie back, probably under a tree, and enjoy life. It’s all for free unless you end up buying this EP. What better soundtrack for a lazy day in the sun could there be? Let Tropics slow things down and allow you to savour these current climatic conditions, because it will inevitably depart as quickly as it arrived.

Introduced to Dédé by, shall we say, un homme mauvais, Chris Ward aka Tropics does exactly what Planet Mu say about him; radiant sounds of dreamy summer nostalgia. From that, I must prevent myself from an outright copy/paste piece.

“Give It Up” is the opener. Setting the scene with a lazy beat, gurgling bass and some atmospheric vocals. You would be forgiven if you found yourself floating away, rather than snoozing under said tree. Fear not. “Melorr” is like plunging into a nice cool pool, ideal on a day like today. Or perhaps floating on a lilo with a coconut full of rum… a cliché, I know but such a damn delicious one. “Soft Vision” is our closer. With a driving beat not too disimilar to Sisters Of Mercy “Mother Russia” but soft enough not to shatter one’s ear drums, and stop-motion images of a sunset, change is afoot. Either that or this is the soundtrack to accompany your balloon when you foolishly let go of it. Watch it soar high and far, far way!

No rest for the wicked. I’m off out to chase that balloon.