Bristol based ambient electro art duo turned trio The Crisis Project are back with a new single ‘Dice’ which is taken from their recent ‘Resolve’ EP. Opening with a rhythmic beat which gives way to Harri Parish’s hauntingly beautiful vocal that also ushers in the tracks echoing and skittering techno-esque melody. The track builds towards what can only be described as a crescendo of electro fragments which seem to rain down in a torrent of melodic synths before paling away into the silence.

The Crisis Project have always been very much about the visual as well as the aural, with the band employing projected visuals when ever they perform live. So it’s not surprising that to truly get a feel for ‘Dice’ you have to see the tracks video. The video features a guy strapped to a lighting rig, struggling to walk across some dark dystopian wasteland inhabited by wolves, large thunder clouds and floating geometric wire-framed objects. Echoing ‘Dice’s vibe perfectly.

‘Dice’ is out November 4 on Any Other label.