We’ve got the premiere of new and debut single ‘Animal’ from electro duo Veiila (pronounced as Vei-lah). The duo refuse to pin themselves down to one location but, are currently calling St. Petersburg home. Formed last year of Vif Nüte (singer, songwriter and keyboardist) and Bes Eiredt (producer, keyboardist). Taking their name from the mythical creature Veela who was so inconceivably beautiful it caused men who gazed upon her to fall instantly in love.

Having worked on an earlier project together, which the duo felt wasn’t going the way they had envisioned. They’ve taken time out to secretly write and produce new material as Veiila with ‘Animal’ been the first track they’re unveiling to the world.

On the face of it ‘Animal’ is a synthpop track, but it’s hardly that straight forward.

‘Animal’ is a hybrid track which punches through with heady, techno beats, a high energy synth laden melody, which is all pulled together by strong, rousing female vocals. On the face of it ‘Animal’ is a synthpop track, but it’s hardly that straight forward. Darting off at a moments notice into a deeper, darker swirling realm of dense beats and turbulent synths, before throwing you into a high paced Euro-pop tinged segment. The track also makes use of subtle layering which gives ‘Animal’ much more depth than is first apparent. When you really listen to the production, you start to unravel a complex and deep record. Which employees both synthetic electronic elements and found samples to create its soundscape.

The first track from the duo’s forthcoming EP which is due for release later this month. Veiila are giving away ‘Animal’ as a ‘tweet for a track’ download. Click here to grab the track now.